Aunt Beast Comments on Three Puzzles in 9-

March 2, 2008

In First Iteration of Solutions to Three Puzzles in 9-, Danny Purvis writes:

Puzzle 1: 9- 1(10)2 1(11)10[2] 1(12)11[3,4] 5(13)5[6,7]. How does Left win? "Solution": Apologies all around. I thought I saw a fairly easy win for Left, but now I believe that Right actually wins. I have not worked out a clean analysis, however. I hope to post something more definitive in a few days.

Correct, this is a win for Right according to Aunt Beast.

Puzzle 2: 9- 1(10)2 1(11)10[2] 1(12)11[3,4] 3(13)12. How does Left win? Solution: Having spent all of my time on puzzle 1, I have not thoroughly checked my solution for this puzzle. But Left seems to win with 3(14)3. Sphere S(5) will not yield four survivors, since after 5(15)5[6,7] 3(16)13 Left has TM.

Correct. There are exactly two winning moves here: 3(14)3 and 5(14)5.

Puzzle 3: 9- 1(10)2 1(11)10[2] 1(12)11[3,4]. How does Right win? Solution: If I am correct about Puzzle 1 winning for Right, then Puzzle 1 is a complete answer. I had another move in mind, which only means that this puzzle should be abandoned.

There are 4 winning moves from this position: 2(13)2, 5(13)5[6], 5(13)5[6,7], and 5(13)6.

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