An Alternative Continuation in 6n+2

February 10, 2007

Here is a question that disturbed me very much for a long time.

I categorically don't like the strategy for 6n+2 (normal game) which has appeared after the occurrence of AB. I speak about the game 8+ 1(9)2 1(10)1[2,3] 4(11)10 4(12)5... The nature of the 12th move absolutely differs from my algorithms.

So I offer a simple alternative:

14+ 1(15)2 1(16)1[2,3] 4(17)16 4(18)4[5-7] II (G3+G3=G0)

1) 2(19)2 17(20)18 II
2) 2(19)2[3] 17(20)18[8,9] II
3) 2(19)15 18(20)5 II

I think it works for any 6n+2, the only exception being 6n+2=2,8.

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