Another Stellar Week

March 3, 2007

Roman Khorkov continued to forge ahead in his systematization of sprouts strategy, issuing an article on the new move he discovered recently in 8+. He examines the move in a broader context and proposes highly useful generalizations.

A note on Roman's notation in the article. Roman neatly folds together two prior conventions. An is an anago plus n-2 original spots; iLj is i original spots separated by an encirclement with two pivots (a loop) from j original spots. Roman's new notation, AnLj is an An separated by an encirclement with two pivots from j original spots.

At the end of the week came another wonderful surprise when Jeff Peltier circulated his long held suspicion that Right also wins after the symmetrical 8+ 1(9)2 1(10)2[3-5]. Aunt Beast quickly confirmed. Jeff pointed out that this position is replete with potential Gardner traps. Jeff proposed calling any encirclement with four pivots a big loop and encoding it as BL.

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