Peltier Rehabilitates 8+ Defense

April 12, 2006

After several days of unparalleled success as Left in 8+, AuntBeast has finally lost a game. Jeff Peltier, one of WGOSA's best analysts, uncorked a new move and quickly achieved an obviously winning position. WGOSA champion Roman Khorkov was highly appreciative, calling the game "magnificent" and "poetry."

8+ (AuntBeast* - Peltier) 1(9)2 1(10)1[3,4] 3(11)10 2(12)5 5(13)5 6(14)6[7,8] 7(15)8 6(16@2)14 II

Jeff's play in this game was almost certainly flawless. AuntBeast's creator, Josh Purinton, tells us that AuntBeast punishes any error in games of 11 spots or less, games shallow enough for her to calculate every possibility.

AuntBeast's success in 8+ had come as a delightful surprise, revealing sparkling tactical possibilities that had not been anticipated by her human competitors. It is to be hoped that she will find ways to vary and have further success in the opening. That being said, her dominance constituted a crisis for Right in 8+, and Peltier, for now, has brought closure to the theoretical confusion.

The new move was 2(12)5 in place of 2(12)9, a move that had stood for years. The old move, the "airbag" of 8+, evidently loses to waiting moves in sphere S(3), although Josh and AuntBeast have not yet confirmed that to be the case.

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