"Recent" Game

June 5, 2006

Your editor had a tough month, getting dreadfully behind in the process. But maybe we can think of it as a nostalgic homage to the old days of chess, when hot chess news would come pouring in via Chess Life weeks or even months after the fact. But seriously, my apologies.

From May 11, another great game by Roman Khorkov and AuntBeast, accompanied by wonderful commentary by Josh Purinton:

14+ (AuntBeast* - Khorkov) 1(15)2 1(16)1[3-10] 3(17)16 2(18)11 11(19)14 2(20)18[14] 10(21)10[4-6] 10(22)21[7] 13(23)15 14(24)20 II

This morning it felt like Roman had some way of analyzing positions in sprouts that Aunt Beast lacked, so that Aunt Beast had to search the game tree while Roman effortlessly calculated the right move using some mysterious principle I don't yet understand. It was almost magical to watch him slowly but inexorably crush Aunt Beast by calmly playing optimal move after optimal move.

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