Roman Wins!

February 23, 2008

Roman Khorkov has swept Jeff Peltier to win the keenest, longest running, and most controversial sprouts championship ever, retaining his title as WGOSA champion for the fourth year straight. Roman also swept Danny Purvis and Yper Cube in the tournament. Only the intrepid Aunt Beast managed to hold Roman to a drawn match.

Aunt Beast/Josh Purinton has secured undivided silver with three drawn matches and a win against Danny Purvis.

Play continues between Glops/Yper Cube and Small Beast/Jeff Peltier, although the Cubeians have won one of the two games of this match. Purvis/Peltier is yet to be played.

The tournament became controversial when play pace lagged beyond expectations. The slow play, however, will likely insure that game quality will prove exceptionally high. An agreement prior to the tournament prohibits the swapping of game scores until tournament completion, but we will hope to publish all of the games in the near future.

Roman won this tournament despite generously sharing his theoretical innovations and insights in the past few years. What an outstanding champion WGOSA is privileged to claim! We offer him heartiest congratulations.

Encomiums also to Josh Purinton and Aunt Beast for a super result.

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