Announcing WGOSA 2010

November 5, 2010

WGOSA 2010 will be played by email and will begin December 1, open to humans, computers and cyborgs, with a time limit of two days per move. This tournament is a world championship candidates tournament as well as an association championship. The tournament will not only determine the new WGOSA champion but will confer world championship challenger status to the top human finisher if that person is other than Roman Khorkov, our current world champion. If someone other than Roman is the top human finisher, then that person will have earned the right to challenge Roman in a match for the world championship. If Roman is the top human finisher, then he will be under no obligation to defend his title for at least another year.

No entry fee and no physical prizes. Open to anyone so long as the number of entrants is not unreasonably large. In the happy and unlikely circumstance that the number of entrants exceeds expectations, we will informally work out who is best qualified to compete. Please notify by November 21 if you wish to enter.

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