Cal's Currajong: Ivory Tower

There is a wonderful creative tension between theory and practice, between strategy and concrete calculation. How often are we forcibly dragged up from the cave of shadows, stunned, furious, into the actual light!

Today, however, I will allow myself a holiday in a world of cool detachment.

ANALYSIS (Find a shrink.) 16+ Last week's line deserves some strategic intensification. It has occurred to me that Right's desertification defense last week was eminently logical, playing on the theme that the fianchetto is already a little dry. Well, this reasoning should apply all the more in 16+ since, by the two-thirds rule, Left has a harder time than in 15+ getting his needed number of isolani.

1(17)2 I'm assuming, with delightful irresponsibility, that the fianchetto is necessary here.

1(18)3. By last week's logic.

2(19)2[4-14] Again corraling the desiccating spice worm.

4(20)5 Strategical consistency, looking for a desert victory.

Now I rather suspect that Left should maximize isolani in the standard way, by resort to the two dot trap. 4(21)4[6,7]

Now Right might look for favorable flipflops with the again thematic 6(22)21.

--Cal Hudson, First World Champion of Sprouts

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