Cal's Currajong: The Move

Andrew Fort was one of the great checker players of my acquaintance, and I spent many hours learning from him just how difficult the old standard game (English draughts) can be. An informal sprouts notion that perhaps floated over from the checkers domain is the notion of "the move". In checkers, "the move" determines who must run for the double corner. In sprouts, "the move" is supposed to say who loses any battle centered around a two dot trap.

I say "is supposed to," but that's too strong. As far as I can reconstruct, the idea bounced around my tiny circle of sprouts acquaintances 30 years ago, more as a rumor and celebration of Andrew Fort's magical dexterity in an entirely different game than anything else. That the term finally found its way into our club glossary (under TM) is touching but probably unfortunate. As I said last week I no longer find much truth or beauty in it.

ANALYSIS (Find a shrink.) 15+ Case in point. By the old reckoning player1 should enjoy "the move" in this game. "The move" was supposed to pendulum back and forth every three additional dots. But after 1(16)1[2-8] it is precisely the two dot trap that gives player2 an easy win: 1(17)16[2,3]

--Cal Hudson, First World Champion of Sprouts

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