Cal's Currajong: Using the Chart

At this point I would supply some delectable quotes from my favorite intellectual, Morse Peckham. But when I moved down here, my box of Peckham gold decided to go elsewhere. And I have never replaced them.

But we have a tool, the chart from last time, and now we should use the tool to overload ourselves with new data. The tool will inevitably break, but its sparkling shards should inspire us to new exploits.

ANALYSIS (Find a shrink.) 15+ 1(16)1[2-4] 1(17)16[2] Player2 of course wants an even number of isolani from the group of 11 dots.

Now player1 needs a move that will keep him in the game. If he loops (still a word for our glossary, by the way - Dan?), then the chart seems to supply a winning rejoinder. 5(18)6 But the chart has less to say about this move. Probably the best try.

--Cal Hudson, First World Champion of Sprouts

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