A Graph Drawing Algorithm for the Game of Sprouts

December 23, 2008

Brown, Wayne & Baird, Leemon C. III (2008) "A graph drawing algorithm for the game of sprouts", The 2008 International Conference on Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality, Las Vegas, Nevada, July 14-17.

"A graph drawing algorithm for the Game of Sprouts is presented. The algorithm guarantees that the polylines that connect graph nodes are drawn smoothly and that they maintain reasonable distance from other graph polylines. Vertices of the graph are moved using a combination of repulsive forces and smoothing forces. The repulsive forces come from all other visible graph nodes and visible polyline line segments. The smoothing forces are calculated from neighboring vertices along a polyline. A Sprouts player is not allowed to draw new polylines that cross any existing polyline, and the algorithm prevents edge crossings as the graph is transformed. The distinctive features of this algorithm is the use of smoothing forces instead of traditional spring forces, and the use of line segments as repulsive elements instead of vertices."

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