Puzzle in 5-

5- 1(6)1[2,3] Who wins?


A. 1(7)2 gives Left a choice of wins, either by setting up a Gardner trap with 4(8)6 or by creating a winning cannibal war with 6(8)7[2].

B. Any other move, except 2(7)3, also lets Left create a winning cannibal war. In each case Left will leave a type 1 UT and another biosphere that will produce two survivors. Right, who is fielding positions with even numbers of cannibals, will thus be forced to move to the UT, allowing Left to win.

C. After 2(7)3 Left can create an obviously winning double switch situation with, say, 1(8)4. (The sphere S(2) is a switch because it would yield a single survivor after 6(9)7 and two survivors after 2(9)3.) The two switches are so simple as to be entirely predictable. The waiting moves that the players will now be forced to make will eventually reduce each switch to an airbag and a single additional veteran cannibal - six cannibals in all for both switches. Then, waiting moves exhausted, it will be Right's turn to move, since Right is fielding positions with even numbers of cannibals.

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