The WGOSA Ratings Calculator

To calculate your new rating, enter your current rating, your opponent's current rating, and the set result from your perspective (0 = loss, .5 = tie, or 1 = golden victory). Your current rating: Opponent's rating: Result:

The novice is the international standard for this rating system. Any otherwise unrated person whomsoever has a rating of 1000. Ratings below 1000 are not possible, just as it is impossible to be less experienced than a novice. Since people are much the same everywhere, this approach should work out well. You can play a two game set with any person in the world (under any conditions) and rate the result, but you and your opponent must agree ahead of time that the set will be rated, and you must then go ahead and rate your result, win, lose or draw.

Everyone keeps track of their own rating (and everyone is on the honor system, so be careful).

Please send in your rating occasionally so that we can keep our rating list (which can be found under "Membership") fairly current.

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