Cal Hudson Produces Sprouts Book

May 2, 2010

Cal Hudson, long unheard from, returns to the world of sprouts bearing perhaps the world's first book devoted entirely to sprouts. The title is Sprouts Theory Evolving and it is available from Amazon.

The book is actually a compilation from the WGOSA website. After obtaining permission to plunder the site, Hudson selected out what he calls "one mystic strand," added a few asides, and finished the job, he claims, in "three days flat." The mystic strand turns out to be very early articles by Danny Purvis, Hudson's series Cal's Currajong, and some reportage. Cal expresses regret for not including other authors but says that he was unable to fully assimilate them in the time he had allotted himself.

Asked if there was any chance that he might be induced to participate in a WGOSA tournament, Cal replied, somewhat cryptically, "I've always wanted to visit Russia."

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