WGOSA Championship 2005 - Two Rounds

The WGOSA Championship will be conducted in two rounds. The first round will be called the "sieve round," and the second round will be called the "finals". The sieve round will be a qualification round for the finals. Players surviving the sieve round will enter the finals with clean scores; scores from the sieve round will not be retained. The sieve round will be a round robin of single set matches. Each player will play a set with every other player. (The Richman rules obtain. A set is two games with each player serving in one of the games. Please see the "Illustrative Games" on our club website for examples.) All sieve round games will be played simultaneously.

The top players by sets won (with a drawn set counting as one-half set won) will advance to the finals, with the following preferences: Three players are preferred for the finals; If there are not three distinct top players, then two players are preferred; If there are also not two distinct top players, then four players are preferred; If there are also not four distinct top players, then one player is preferred (in which case the finals will be a purely nominal affair); If there is also not one distinct top player, then all five players will advance to the finals. For instance, if Player A wins four sets in the sieve round while Players B, C, and D each win two sets and Player E wins no sets, then Players A, B, C, and D will advance to the finals and Player E will not advance.

Arrangements for the finals will be worked out and announced upon completion of the sieve round.

The tournament will begin June 1. Every player should send a serve to every other player on that date. Normal and misere serves of up to 30 spots are allowed. The competition will be by email (using sprouts notation - see "Illustrative Games" for examples) with a rate of play of 72 hours per move. (Each reply must be transmitted within 72 hours of receipt of the previous move.)

Email addresses of the players will be distributed to the players by email before June 1.

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