Khorkov Wins!!!

Roman Khorkov roared through the finals of the marathon WGOSA Championship 2005 - almost certainly the strongest sprouts tournament in history - thoroughly trouncing the other finalists to become WGOSA Champion for 2005. He is our first champion to hold the title for successive years and our first champion to hold the title for multiple years. The ease of his win, his obvious mastery and perfection on boards of up to 30 spots, leaves little doubt, given the current state of theory as revealed by a thorough canvassing of the Internet, that Roman is now not only WGOSA Champion but is simply the best sprouts player on earth, man or beast, and also should be considered the world champion of sprouts.

It was a long tournament, an exhausting tournament, with many excellent games. All of the participants are to be congratulated for the countless hours of effort and struggle they contributed to this wonderful event.

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