WGOSA Championship 2006 - Rules and Regulations


We're not sure how rules differ from regulations, but the much anticipated championship is at hand, and soon one or more competitors will win the coveted, eternal title, "WGOSA Champion 2006"! There will be three competitors vying for this title, as the club president and tournament director has cravenly withdrawn unbloodied, pleading exigency.

In line with the various discussions we have had concerning this project over quite a long period of time, this tournament will have a minimalist flavor. It will consist of three matches and, if required, a tie break play off. Each match will be four games played consecutively. In the excitement of Aunt Beast's introduction, we seemed to learn that single games can be played fairly rapidly, and we wish to have that sort of pace in this tournament, without actually imposing formal constraints. The intent is that each individual game will be completed within a week's time.

The matches will be played consecutively. The first match will be between Roman Khorkov and Jeff Peltier. When that match is finished, the second match will be between Aunt Beast and Jeff Peltier. Finally, the third match will be between Roman Khorkov and Aunt Beast.

The Khorkov-Peltier match is to begin August 1. A coin toss has determined that Peltier will serve first. We will publish the games as they are completed. When the Khorkov-Peltier match is finished, we will announce the start date of the Aunt Beast-Peltier match.

Normal and misere serves of up to 26 spots will be allowed. Matches will be scored as win or draw. (A match won 4-0 will count the same as a match won 3-1.)

Best of luck to everyone!

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