Khorkov Clinches Title

September 26, 2006

Roman Khorkov staved off AuntBeast’s final serve to become WGOSA Champion 2006. This is his third straight title, and he again won with a splendid display of playing strength and sportsmanship. Amazingly, he finished with a perfect score, six wins and no losses, against opponents who must surely be the next best players on the planet. AuntBeast is a fierce robotic warrior who decimated established theory when she made her debut earlier in the year. She has exhaustively analyzed sprouts for higher levels of n than has ever before been reported. Jeff Peltier is a profound theorist and analyst who has armed himself with a formidable assortment of analytical weapons. Jeff and AuntBeast are now battling for second place.

We offer the heartiest congratulations to our champion!

10- (Khorkov - AuntBeast*) 1(11)1[2-4] 2(12)2[3-4] 1(13)2 4(14)4[3] 4(15@3)14 5(16)6 5(17)5[7-10] 7(18)7 7(19)18 I

In this crucial game AuntBeast opts to test Roman in relatively shallow waters where she can look very deeply indeed. Roman responds aggressively and quickly demonstrates the win.

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