Peltier Defends in Knife-Edge Play

October 2, 2006

In game two of her match with Jeff Peltier, AuntBeast made excellent use of her computational power by serving 14+. This must have been a scary opening for Jeff for two reasons: (1) The “family” of openings 8, 14, 20, … is notoriously Byzantine; (2) AuntBeast has reportedly analyzed the Right side of 14+ to the very bottom. 14+ is evidently close to the realm in which AuntBeast can seize upon any inaccuracy with fatal effect and also in which AuntBeast can diabolically steer toward the most difficult positions for her opponent. Nor should it be forgotten that 8+, a toy version of 14+, was the opening in which AuntBeast pulverized existing theory when she came on the scene earlier this year.

Jeff managed, however, to hold the win.

14+ (AuntBeast* - Peltier) 1(15)2 1(16)1[3-10] 3(17)4 3(18)3[4,5] 10(19)18 6(20)19 10(21)!20[7-9] 6(22)10 8(23)9 4(24)4 II

After a classical start AuntBeast eschews the immediate formation of double switches and plays to reduce the vitality of the larger sphere. Jeff’s bid to counteract this pharisaic action – and thus keep the affected sphere fit for the even parity he will likely need there – issues a second invitation for multiple switches. AuntBeast accepts this second invitation. The players exchange delicate adjustments to the more complex of the resulting switches, apparently taking into account the possible formation of a third switch. AuntBeast’s resignation when Jeff suddenly resolves a switch signals that Jeff has survived this profound test.

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