Match 1 Game 3: Khorkov Defends To Win Match


Match 1 Game 3

25- (Peltier* - Khorkov) 1(26)2 1(27)1[2,3] 4(28)4[5-7,27] 4(29)28[5,6] 5(30)29 7(31)27 2(32)2[3] 5(33)5[6] 8(34)8[9-16] 8(35)34[9-11] 17(36)17[18-21] 17(37)36[18] 12(38)35 12(39)12[13-16] 13(40)13[14] 13( 41@14)40 22(42)23 22(43)22[24,25] 15(44)16 15(45)16 II

Jeff's opening idea causes Roman no trouble, and he easily steps the position down to 18 spots. Jeff is unable to stir up any complexity here either, and soon the only issue is the conversion to misere success, which Roman accomplishes smoothly.

This game is reminiscent of many in the 2005 championship, when the gloomy prospect of draw death seemed to loom. That miasma, of course, was swept away, at least temporarily, by the galvanic appearance of the beautiful monster, Josh Purinton's AuntBeast.

AuntBeast now enters the fray, entertaining Jeff in the second match of this round robin. A coin toss has determined that Jeff will move first, as soon as he has had time to recover from his bout with Roman. Good luck to both combatants!

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