Tournament Resumes, Khorkov Holds

September 21, 2006

Our championship has resumed as scheduled. Jeff Peltier essayed 24- against AuntBeast. This game is still in progress. AuntBeast tried 16+ against Roman Khorkov, who held easily:

16+ (Khorkov - AuntBeast*) 1(17)1[2-5] 6(18)7 1(19)17[6-8] 9(20)9[10-11] 18(21)19 10(22)11 10(23)11 10(24@9)22 11(25)23 4(26)5 4(27)4[5,2] I

Josh Purinton commented afterwards:

We know that humans -- and even gods, in Roman's case -- cannot reliably find the winning move in a sufficiently complicated sprouts position. Here, however, AuntBeast did not succeed in reaching a complicated position. I have yet to find a reliable way of achieving something similar to the complexity that arises after 8+ 1(9)2 1(10)1[3-4] 3(11)10, but with, say, double the number of starting spots. Roman easily kept the nim-value of every component at 0 or 1 throughout the parts of this game that Aunt Beast could analyze.

The second game of the AuntBeast-Khorkov match has begun. Roman served 26-. Is this Romanís first recorded misere serve?

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