Peltier Wins Wild Fight

September 26, 2006

Okay, okay, Jeff Peltier, an aficionado of the theory of misere mathematical games, might take exception to the adjective “wild,” which has a technical meaning in that arcane study, but this is an exceptionally complicated game. Peltier takes an important service win over AuntBeast in the first game of their four game match.

24- (Peltier* - AuntBeast) 1(25)2 1(26)1[3-12] 3(27)3 2(28)13 2(29)26 13(30)14 25(31)29[13-15,28,30] 3(32)4 4(33)4 33(34)5 5(35)5[6,27,32,34] 16(36)31 16(37)16[17] 7(38)8 7(39)7[8] 18(40)19 36(41)37[18-20] I

AuntBeast calmly strolls into the labyrinth. Obscurities accumulate. Even the final position seems difficult. We will need help to digest this combinatorial feast.

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