Broaching 2008 Championship

August 20, 2008

Having received no offers of sponsorship by corporations, countries, major cities, magnates, mathematical associations, girls leagues, conjurors' combines, or exotic horticultural confederations, we are forced to suggest that we again this year play our championship by email. We suggest that we begin on October 1 and this time around exalt in earnest the minimalist spirit. Say a single round with all games played simultaneously and with a short, enforced time limit, perhaps 24-48 hours, letting us finish well before Christmas. Rationales for this cursoriness are the relatively late start date and the likelihood that the 2007 championship participants are most probably still dangerously fatigued from that struggle. We also suggest that we limit serves to the misere genre, since misere sprouts seems to encompass all of normal sprouts and is less filling. Please send in ideas and suggestions!

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