Championship to Begin October 15

October 2, 2008

This year's championship will be a one round round robin and will be open to anyone, any person, computer, or centaur who would like to compete for the coveted laurel wreath of this crazy, heart-rending game. All games will be played simultaneously this year, each at a rate of 72 hours per move max, analogous to our '05 championship and, as has been percipiently pointed out, constituting an arrangement likely to devolve in isolated instances into sprouts frenzy, an undesirable side effect to be sure, but seemingly not over balancing various other considerations.

Entries must be in by October 10. Causing an entry to be in is accomplished by notifying of one's wish to join the fray. Participation is free of charge. Similarly, prizes are solely in the coin of honorifics.

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