Tournament Set

October 14, 2008

The championship tournament for 2008 begins Wednesday, October 15, 2008. The participants are Y. Cube, R. Khorkov, B. McCain, J. Peltier, and D. Purvis. D. Purvis is also director. All games will be played simultaneously. Each player will play two games with every other player, one as server and one as receiver. Players should send an opening serve to each opponent on October 15. Normal and misere serves of up to 29 spots are allowed. Thereafter players will have 72 hours to respond to any given move. In other words, when a move enters a player's mailbox, that player must send a response within 72 hours. Players should attempt to avoid meaningless waiting moves.

Players will be guided by sportsmanship, honor, personal integrity, the WGOSA spirit, etc., etc. The tournament director will intervene if necessary but sincerely hopes and expects that all the games will proceed satisfactorily and autonomously. The director will grant timeouts in the case of special exigency.

Since the director is also a participant, please send him game transcripts only as needed to resolve conflicts.

Good luck to everyone. Let the games begin!

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