Mystery Man Snags Silver

January 11, 2009

Newcomer Barack McCain has completed a sweep against the formidable analyst Jeff Peltier to join Danny Purvis at the second rung of the WGOSA 2008 tournament ladder. Two tournament games remain to be completed, the two games between Peltier and Yper Cube. If Cube were to be similarly triumphant, he would also join McCain and Purvis.

Besides sharing 2nd/3rd places, McCain was the man who denied Roman Khorkov the first perfect championship in our club's history, thwarting Roman the hard way by winning his (McCain's) serve in that match. These accomplishments seemingly surprising for a new player, coupled with McCain's quirky nom de guerre and his laconicism regarding such personal details as his nationality and his previous experience with sprouts, have given rise to intriguing theories. (Could he be: Aunt Beast? Cal Hudson? A new computer program yet unannounced? Someone in the Google group sprouts-theory not yet known as a practical player? An escaped chess master crossing over into the exotic realm of sprouts?)

All we can say for sure is that it was an honor to have such a strong player participate in our tournament, whoever he might be, and that, as to the speculation, Barack McCain's parting remark definitely does not shed light:

Thank you everybody for having played with me. I believe these games helped me to improve my skills. I may come back stronger for the next tournament, except if my new job in this big white building doesn't let me enough time to practice Sprouts...

Bye !


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