Tournament Proceeds, Slowly

January 14, 2008

The 2007 club championship has spilled over into 2008. The championship is being administered by There are five participants: cyborgs Aunt Beast/Josh Purinton, Glops/Yper Cube, Small Beast/Jeff Peltier, and unarmed humans Roman Khorkov and Danny Purvis. Two of five rounds have been completed and some games or matches from subsequent rounds have also been completed.

The temporal stateliness of this tournament has proved a strain for WGOSAs old spirit of informality encapsulated in the absurdist guideline no slower than a hard-boiled egg. That guideline worked great last year, but this year hard-boiled eggs have lost their heuristic merit, in that there is not universal agreement among the various parties as to the correctness of the current pace of play or in regards to suggested measures to modify that pace.

Because of a prior understanding that tournament results would be released only upon completion of the round in which they occurred, readers should visit the administering site,, to get the latest standings. The fruit of all of the ongoing labor, the games themselves, should become available when the tournament is finally over. These games will probably be worth the wait.

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