Cal's Currajong: Hypermodern Sprouts

Morse Peckham was fascinated by cross-disciplinary stylistic breaks, which he saw as indicative of larger cultural concerns manifesting themselves simultaneously - and independently - in disparate arenas. Intriguing angle and, hey, the guy could write, but I can't agree with him. I am a thoroughgoing diffusionist. Ideas memes have a life of their own. I love to lie back at the beach and watch the waves break, watch the girls in bikinis, watch the seagulls. There is nothing so cozy as a nice puffer train or the rollicking pinball ride of a newly lofted meme.

So let's let Julius Breyer's last throes meme keep on rocking! I think we should start entertaining the notion that opening loops often just give player2 too much to work with. And I hereby propose, in keeping with the game's, this club's, and the world's evident whimsy, that we call the nonlooping opening move a fianchetto.

ANALYSIS (Find a shrink.) 15+ Last time we looked at 1(16)1[2-8], classical, unsuccessful. The two-thirds rule gives player1 great comfort: his needed ten isolani should be right down the middle. It is surprising that healthy extroversion does not, apparently, succeed, but not to worry, there is a whole new world to explore!

1(16)2 Fianchetto!

Obviously there's plenty to think about here. Hypermodern richness! One of many interesting tries is the desiccating 1(17)3. Now it looks like player2 has commissioned one of Frank Herbert's spice worms for a desertification campaign!

Not sure how player1 should continue. Corral the worm with 2(18)2[4-13]?

--Cal Hudson, First World Champion of Sprouts

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