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Volume 11 - 2011 (Emergent. Please contribute!)

Jordan+Aunt Beast Maintains Lead Jordan+Aunt Beast Takes First Round Clash of Titans, War of Worlds Josh Jordan Triumphs!

Volume 10 - 2010

WGOSA 2010 Has Begun Mnemonics by Danny Purvis WGOSA 2010 Start Date Changed Announcing WGOSA 2010
Sprouts Blog Axel Thue Memorial 2010 Cross Table and Games A Sprouts Document from 1974 by Danny Purvis Tie for First
Four Games Finished Last Minute Entry Tournament Begins! Cal Hudson Produces Sprouts Book
Sprouts Software Tourney Fails to Start Rite of Spring

Volume 9 - 2009

New Paradigm: Roman is World Champion Mapping G4G into Sprouts by Danny Purvis A Sprouts-Related Game by Danny Purvis Another Frequently Unasked Interrogative
Announcing Scholastic Team Championships WGOSA Inactivity by Danny Purvis WGOSA 2008: Cross Table and Games Tournament Completes
Sprouts Sighting? by Danny Purvis Mystery Man Snags Silver WGOSA 2008 - Running Tally Expansion of Peltier's Pivot/Loop Notation
Meanwhile, Back in the Pack A New Verified Misere Result

Volume 8 - 2008

A Graph Drawing Algorithm for the Game of Sprouts Further Thoughts on Purvis-Peltier by Josh Purinton WGOSA 2008 - Running Tally Glopian Advance
Multiple Move Serves Khorkov Wins! Khorkov Finishes Games Two New (Old) Misere Theorems by Roman Khorkov
Update on (My) Games Speed So Far by Yper Cube History Encoded Verse Two Centaurs Tournament Set
For Championship, N = 29 Championhip to Begin October 15 Broaching 2008 Championship Jeff Peltier Revises Tables
Notes on Peltier-Purvis by Roman Khorkov Conjectures by Roman Khorkov WGOSA 2007 Final Results Genus Sequences by Josh Purinton
Fickle and Firm Games by Josh Purinton Equivalences by Yper Cube Notes on Longest Game by Josh Purinton Big Article Upcoming
The Last Match of 2007 - Complete! Tournament Nearly Complete The Big Smile by Danny Purvis Aunt Beast Comments on Three Puzzles in 9m by Josh Purinton
Roman Wins! Verified Misere Results Proposed Solution to Conway Notation Quiz by Danny Purvis Conway Notation Quiz by Josh Purinton
Tournament Proceeds, Slowly Aunt Beast Points Out Erroneous Resignation by Josh Purinton

Volume 7 - 2007

A Rare Glimpse inside the Dwelling of a WGOSA Champion by Josh Purinton Aunt Beast Annotates by Josh Purinton Another T1 "Counterexample" Tournament Postponed
A Game in 21- Aunt Beast Confirms Path in 15- by Josh Purinton Entry Deadline for WGOSA 2007 Aunt Beast Vs. Jeff Peltier in 15-
Announcing WGOSA Championship 2007 Brief Encounter Theorems 1 & 2 Corrected and Combined by Roman Khorkov Wild Fight Revisited by Josh Purinton
A Counterexample to Khorkov's Misere Theorem 1 by Josh Purinton 15-: The Empire Strikes Back by Josh Purinton A Game in 33+ A Riddle in 15- by Josh Purinton
David vs. Goliath in 15- by Josh Purinton Online Cornucopia New WGOSA Website! by Danny Purvis Games with Glop
Random Thoughts by Danny Purvis Extraordinary New Sprouts Program New Strategy by Roman Khorkov Another Stellar Week
Happy Birthday to the Game of Sprouts! New Move in 8+ Continuation Verified by Aunt Beast Some Normal/Misere Dependencies by Roman Khorkov
An Alternative Continuation in 6n+2 by Roman Khorkov Pivot Table Periodicity by Roman Khorkov Analysis of Misere 6n+3 by Roman Khorkov Curious Consequences by Roman Khorkov
Symbology Explained Misere Sprouts: Keeping It Simple by Roman Khorkov Aunt Beast Confirms by Josh Purinton Khorkov Announces Startling Findings

Volume 6 - 2006

Aunt Beast: I'll Be Back How to Play Sprouts with Playing Cards by Josh Purinton WGOSA Championship 2006 Asterisk & Obelisk: Gaulish Sprouts, by Chris Villeneuve
"Recent" Game Left-Hand-Path Notation for Sprouts - Revised 6/5/2006, by Josh Purinton New Notation System Recent Games
Rara Avice and Repair Two Recent Games Generalizing the Survivor Concept, by Danny Purvis Peltier Rehabilitates 8+ Defense
The AuntBeast Revolution Continues: G14 Puzzle Unsettled Theory in N = 8 AuntBeast Strategy for N = 8, 14, ..., By Roman Khorkov
Strategy for N = 7, 13, ... - Revised 4/6/2006, By Roman Khorkov Playing Sprouts with Misere Grundy Numbers - Revised 4/12/2006, By Jean-Francois Peltier Strategy for N = 12, 18, ..., By Roman Khorkov Strategy for N = 11, 17, ..., By Roman Khorkov
Strategy for N = 10, 16, ..., By Roman Khorkov Strategy for N = 9, 15, ..., By Roman Khorkov G4 Solution, By Jean-Francois Peltier G4 Puzzle, By Jean-Francois Peltier

Volume 5 - 2005

Khorkov Wins!!! Finals Crosstable Finals Games A Sprouts Technique, by Roman Khorkov
Sieve Round Results Sieve Round Games Sieve Round Crosstable WGOSA Championship 2005 - Two Rounds
Cal's Currajong by Cal Hudson Early Sprouts Strategy Document by Danny Purvis Solution to Puzzle in 9- by Danny Purvis Puzzle in 9- by Danny Purvis
Solution to Puzzle in 7- by Danny Purvis Puzzle in 7- by Danny Purvis Solution to Puzzle in 5- by Danny Purvis Puzzle in 5- by Danny Purvis

Volume 4 - 2004

Taming Low Life Force Double Switches by Danny Purvis

Volume 3 - 2003

The Focardi and Luccio Analysis of 7+ by Danny Purvis A Graphical Abbreviation by Danny Purvis

Volume 2 - 2002

Black and White Sprouts by Holger Matthies Partisan Sprouts by Gregory Van Patten

Volume 1 - 2001

Secret Agent: A "Result" by Danny Purvis Secret Agent Man by Danny Purvis Game of the Week, 2/3/01 by Danny Purvis Game of the Week, 01/27/01 [Revised!!] by Danny Purvis
Game of the Week, 1/20/01 by Danny Purvis Solution to Polar Bear Puzzle by Danny Purvis Demise of the Polar Bear by Danny Purvis Analyzing 9+ by Danny Purvis
Sprouts Fault Lines by Danny Purvis Cannibal Wars by Danny Purvis Universal Traps by Danny Purvis Biospheres - Part Two by Danny Purvis
Biospheres - Part One by Danny Purvis

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